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WHY:: Common Fortune is special because it’s not; it sits in the DNA of every organization, waiting to be tapped yet often overlooked. 


The world’s most valuable companies manage their brand as an asset class intrinsic to market share. Any product can have a brand and any brand can be powerful enough to drive growth. Coca-Cola is not special Amazon not special Supreme not special

Common Fortune are the best practices available to anyone-  community engagement, transparent values, corporate narrative and marketing as growth strategy - that create icons of industry and the favorable universe in which they prefer to operate. One that paves the way to profitability and repeats the cycle. 


There are a lot of bad marketers who will orient an entire business around the thing they do to achieve growth the fastest, like a dopamine hit from paid acquisition or PR. Common Fortune is not an agency and we work across the toolkit. We don’t do overhead. We say No to most opportunities. We don’t do one-off campaigns or monthly retainers since the best brand ideas are common fortune that come from within. We are embedded in your team for a day or a quarter until things shine. We mine for the good fortune you already have, optimize for lean teams and drive sturdy growth while creating career paths for the guardians of your brand. If we need to tap the fortune of another expert we get that person. We don’t support companies who don’t improve the fortune of this beautiful world. 


If your reaction is “I’d rather not,” 2021 will tell you “too bad.” Today’s customers demand superbrands. Vivid authenticity. The aura of values embedded throughout a business - and total team alignment within this narrative - to drive steady growth, category ubiquity and impervious external relationships. So, Common Fortune is not just the tactics but the people with diverse, authentic perspectives and the insights to drive marketing forward. There is no school or training that replaces active talent investment - “I SEE YOU” outreach and mentorship to unlock the secrets of the most beloved companies you’re destined to replace. If you wanna be bad you gotta do both.


Today’s marketing teams are falling through the gaps of hypergrowth, as startups overindex on performance marketing and wonder why they can’t easily express a point of view on social justice issues. Before you fire that person: external hires are twice as expensive and take twice as long as internal candidates to train, with a steeper learning curve. Outside talent is shockingly 61% more likely to be fired than those hired from within. Common Fortune isn’t just better business, it’s the right thing to do; in a recent study, 82% of marketers identified themselves as middle-class; 88% were white. Men held more than half of 2020 executive leadership positions. Today’s female and minority marketers don’t see themselves at the table and do not have anyone advocating for their career paths. Common Fortune is the mission to standardize mentorship and elevate real voices as we all make real money, as brands are expected to engage meaningfully across a broad range of communities. Talent mentorship is the fastest way to reinvest our mutual fortune back into customer and employee communities and continue the cycle.


Consider investing in business, your community, and your employees, and let’s discuss.

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